Ludovico Grioni Arquitectos has developed his work throughout his 15 years of experience with a deep respect for the principles of architecture.

Ludovico Grioni was born in Argentina in 1976. In 2001 he graduated from the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism of La Plata.

In his extensive career of works, mainly residential, he understands and interprets the context of each project to create sustainable buildings on his precise scale. The main objective of the study is to encourage analysis and reflection through a sober and avant-garde style of architectural design.



Architectural Services, providing the relevant documentation for their incorporation into state registries and their technical-constructive development. Includes a breakdown of materials and work costs.

- Conceptual and creative development (pre-design)

- Design and development of the architectural project

- Detailed documentation for execution

- Remote supervision of the direction

- Construction inspections


- Breakdown of luxury finishes

- Choice and/or Design of customized Furniture

- Choice of luxury items

- Choice of Works of Art


Project, Construction Management, Administration, Management, Management and Post-sales. Land Valuation Research that allows us to know the potential value of properties with the purpose of generating Real Estate Businesses. Consulting and Advice on Urban Planning Property analysis, Potential, Statistics, Projections of static and dynamic variables. Environmental studies, Prefeasibility. Large Scale Proposals and Projects.